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9th Grade FAQ's!

When does an 8th grader become a 9th grader? 


An 8th grader becomes a 9th grader upon completion of the 8th grade school year. Students who take high school level courses over the summer will be given high school credit and a numeric grade will be posted on the transcript. These courses will impact the student's GPA! Students might complete these courses through the MHS EXCELerate program or Georgia Virtual School courses.

My family is transferring from an out-of-district or out-of-state middle school, how do we register?

Welcome to Marietta City Schools! Please complete the registration process through Registration Gateway. Our counseling secretary will call you to set up a scheduling appointment with a school counselor. We have summer appointments to meet with all of our transfer students and make sure you start at Marietta High School on the right foot!

What should I be doing as a high school parent?

Stay involved! If you are transferring from out of district, make sure you activate your ASPEN parent portal account. This gives you access to your student's grades, attendance, tardies and more! If you are matriculating from Marietta Middle School, your same ASPEN account will work at MHS!  


Always feel free to contact your student's teachers with any concerns or questions you have regarding your student's education!

Where can I find descriptions of the elective classes Marietta offers?

Click here for the 9th grade course catalog to read descriptions and pre-requisites about Marietta's courses. 



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