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A Freshman Orientation Experience

July 29th 

       Blue 8 am - 11 am

       White 1 pm - 4 pm

       Evening 5 pm - 8 pm

July 30th 

       Blue 8 am - 11 am

       White 1 pm - 4 pm

Orientation Live-- July 30th @7 pm 

Sample Morning Schedule of Activities

8:00 am- Arrival 

8:30 am- Break off into small groups with your Orientation Leader

9:30 am- Large Group Assembly 

9:40 am- Freshmen Experience Skit

9:50 am- Learn Alma Mater and Fight Song with Cheerleaders and Buzz!

10:00 am- Be Somebody Expectations with Ms. Cain

                 - Attendance

                 - Tardies

                 - Skipping

                 - Dress Code Fashion Show

10:30 am- OL Competition

10:45 am- Handout Schedules

11:00 am- Blue Devil Block Party

                - T-shirt pick up

                - Food, music, and fun!

** Same schedule with adjusted times for the afternoon program**

This is just a sample schedule! There are more fun activities that you will have to wait and see!


Is Orientation Mandatory?

Nope! This is just an opportunity to get to know new classmates and a few upper-classmen prior to the first day of classes.

Will there be a make-up session if we are out of town?

Unfortunately, July 29th and July 30th are the only dates for Be Somebody Orientation, however, your student will be able to get the information regarding school policies, clubs and activities, etc during the school year at our class meetings and Club Fair. You can also come tour the building on August 2nd at our Fall Madness Event. 

Is there a cost to attend?

Be Somebody Orientation is FREE! However, there are a limited number of spots per session, so make sure to sign up early. 

How do I get my schedule if I can't attend Be Somebody Orientation?

If you cannot attend, the schedules will be released in ASPEN on August 2nd and you will be able to see your schedule electronically. August 2nd is also MHS's Fall Madness event and you and your student are welcome to walk your student's schedule.  

What is the evening session?

We know that some of our students have job or family commitments during the day and may not be able to attend one of our traditional day sessions. The evening session is an expedited version of our Be Somebody Orientation that covers the highlights. 

What is the Orientation Live?

Orientation Live is an event for the whole family! Our Orientation leaders will perform some songs, skits, and host games for our audience. Families can purchase dinner and meet some of their student's new friends and orientation leader before school starts. 

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